Abner Ballardo

Title: Linux Kernel Development
Author(s): Robert Love
Published: 2004
Edition: 1st
Editorial: Developer’s Library

Everyone in the Linux world should know about Robert Love, he’s a great hacker. I read some articles he wrote in Linux Journal Magazine and I saw his work in linux kernel source. As you could imagine I bought this book and it didn’t desappoint me like other kernel books did (he explains the concepts behind the design of the kernel scheduler very well).

Let’s talk about the book. I recommend all the chapters, all the book!. I found very useful these chapters:

  • Chapter 3: Scheduling
  • Chapter 5: Interrupts and Interrupt Handlers
  • Chapter 6: Bottom Halves and Deferring Work
  • Chapter 8: Kernel Synchronization Methods

There is a new edition of this book!