Abner Ballardo

One of my favorites techniques to keep my mind with new things and ideas about software development is learning at least one programming language per year. No matter if you’re are a programmer, software architect or a guy with programming in his heart but doing project management stuff.

Learning a new programming languages is not just writing a “Hello World” program, you have to do something that challenges your skills because that’s the only way you can learn the purpose of that language. The key questions you should answer at the end are: What it tries to do different?, In which context you could find useful that programming language?, What things you can adopt from that language?, etc.

Keep track of your progress in this technique so you can take a look at it at any moment and decide which will be the language of the year. Again Evernote is my preferred tool to store this information

As you can see, I need to decide which will be the language for 2010!

Happy hacking!!!